6 Points to Consider When Buying a Summer House

6 Points to Consider When Buying a Summer House


The summer house is purchased for use only during a certain period of the year. Although it is not a year-round residence, it is necessary to pay attention to some issues in order not to have problems during the time spent in the summer house. Choosing an ideal summer house can be followed by these 6 steps: 

1. Region Selection
It will be useful for people who want to buy a summer house to determine their expectations from the region where they will vacation. Is it in a lively area close to the sea on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, or in a calm and cool area in the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia? This choice can be made by evaluating the tourist density and climatic conditions in the region where the cottage is planned to be purchased.

2. Transportation Facilities
The summer house can also be used to relax in winter. For this reason, attention should be paid to the suitability of transportation to the summer area in summer and winter months. If the house is by the lake or the sea, it can be checked whether the transportation is provided by the sea as well as by the land.

3. Characteristics of Structure and Land
While evaluating the features of the building, the weather conditions at the location of the summer house should also be examined. In addition, information should be obtained about building characteristics such as wall thickness and roof type. In order for the house to be used in autumn and winter, sufficient wall thickness or building insulation can be considered.

4. Value of the Property
The summer house can also be viewed as a real estate investment. The future sales price of the property can be evaluated by taking into account the location of the property, the transportation connections and the facilities to be built in the region. People who want to buy a summer house for investment can evaluate the popularity and depreciation periods of the holiday regions. 

5. Infrastructure Status
Issues such as whether there is a well in the garden of the house, the suitability of the mains water for drinking and the water pressure are important for easy use of the house. It should also be asked whether there is a natural gas installation in the area where the summer house is located.

6. Calculation of Costs
If a summer house is to be purchased with a housing loan, the budget that may be needed should be evaluated in addition to the loan down payment. Issues such as finding renovations to be made in the summer house, buying household goods or arranging the garden should also be considered.