Interesting Facts About Turkey

Interesting Facts About Turkey


Many tourists come to Turkey for its history, weather, nature and seas. We know this. So, what do you know about the interesting thing about Turkey, where you come and get excited to come every year? What do we know about Turks? He knows very well that we are crazy, that we are strangely comfortable and that we come up with our own solutions, we come across dozens of funny examples on the Internet every day. However, there are also some research results of the Turkish Statistical Institute, which give us very interesting information in general. Here are some surprising facts about Turks gathered in the light of this information.

●3% of Turkey's total area is in the European Continent, and 97% is in the Asian Continent. 
●There are over 82,000 mosques in Turkey.
●Hatay 14 kilometers Samandag beach is the second longest beach in the world after Rio.
●Tire Tuesday market in İzmir is the second largest bazaar in the world.
●Only 2% of Turkey's population lives alone.
●The population of Istanbul is more than the population of 131 countries.
●Istanbul is the only metropolis that has land on two continents.
●While there are 12,000 plant species in all of Europe, there are 9,000 species in Turkey alone.
●The country is 50.2% male and 49.8% female.
●The average monthly mobile phone talk time in Turkey is 6 hours and 10 minutes. We are the country that speaks the most on mobile phones in Europe.
●Only 22% of people can go on vacation in Turkey.
●While the average age of marriage for Turkish men is 26.8, it is 23.6 for women.