Cappadocia Ranked 5th in Times'

Cappadocia Ranked 5th in Times'


You can't see the Peribacaları, which can be seen in several parts of the world, as intensely as in Cappadocia. Cappadocia, which entered the "New 25 Wonders of the World" list published in the Times Newspaper from the 5th place, has also been on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List since 1985.
You will realize from the first day you come here that Cappadocia is a completely different place that promises a unique world by melting art, culture, sports, entertainment and romance in one pot with its nature, history and legends. It has such a mystical feeling that this is a unique geography where you can discover yourself among many other things. Frankly, words are not enough to describe this extraordinary place. If you haven't been yet, you should go and see it with your own eyes. 

Importance of Cappadocia

Traces of human life in this region date back to the Paleolithic period. The region, where the Hittites once lived, later becomes one of the important centers of Christianity. The underground cities, fairy chimneys and caves in the region allow the Christians in the region to live safely in secrecy during the Roman Empire period when Christianity was forbidden. There are many churches carved into the rocks and built in underground cities in the region. 

When to go to Cappadocia?

The time of Cappadocia is four seasons. In other words, this is such a geography that every time you go, you see a different face and you have a different experience every time. Therefore, our advice is to choose according to what kind of holiday you want to spend in Cappadocia. For the balloon ride, choose the summer months when the weather conditions are the most suitable. Choose summer and spring periods when the weather is nice for many other activities such as nature walks, ATV and cycling, summer months if you want to coincide with festivals, and winter months if you aim for a romantic holiday under the snow.