By Purchasing Real Estate, You Become the Owner of The Land

By Purchasing Real Estate, You Become the Owner of The Land


Buying foreign real estate, including apartments or villas in Turkey is certainly a very serious step. Everyone who thinks about it analyzes all the pros and cons of buying real estate by the sea.

We offer you to supplement the list of advantages of real estate in Turkey, and, in particular, apartments in Alanya, with one very weighty fact.

By purchasing real estate in Turkey, regardless of citizenship, the buyer becomes the owner of not only walls and square meters in the building, but also becomes the owner of Turkish land.

All real estate in Turkey is in the unconditional possession of the owner, i.e. the owner owns not only the property, but also the plot or part of it on which it is located, without time restrictions. As soon as you become the owner of housing in Turkey, you get full ownership of this land, and your family has the right of inheritance (succession) after your death.

The share of the land plot is registered in the TAPU (certificate of ownership) in the form of a share. The share of the share is distributed among all apartment owners, based on the area of the apartment they purchased. Moreover, the share is calculated not only from the built-up area, but from the entire house territory inclusive.

The ownership of the land plot is a priority, since the house always has a limited life span, and the land is eternal.

The immemorial and unshakable system of land registration allows you to specify in TAPU only the number of this plot without specifying the name of the street, because streets can be renamed, and the number of the plot remains unchanged on maps always.

The Main Department of the Land Register and Cadastre, which has branches in every city of Turkey, is engaged in the registration, issuance and storage of information on issued TAPUS. It is one of the oldest institutions in the Republic of Turkey, which has been preserved since the time of the Ottoman Empire: it was founded in 1847 and was previously called Defterhane-i Amire.