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The Atlas Properties brand is a truly extensive network of luxury real estate, representing exceptional clients with exquisite tastes. With its portfolio network with domestic and foreign audiences, Atlas Properties continues to define the meaning of luxury by offering the most exclusive luxury real estate in Turkey as well as unique personalized service.

The Atlas Properties brand strives to provide all our clients with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Whether you're looking to buy a luxury home of your own or sell a different one, Atlas Properties has the tools to market each property with the same level of care and personalization to match buyers around the world with the best homes at affordable prices.

Wherever you are and wherever you want to be, you'll find our expertise.

Atlas Properties&Construction is the only truly global real estate brand in the Mediterranean with an extensive network of portfolio housing brokerage companies. Through our personal relationships, our sellers reach a highly qualified global clientele and our buyers gain access to exceptional properties anywhere.

Our brand. Your benefit.

The Atlas Properties brand is a company built on years of prestige, introducing its local and foreign guests to the leading bluish life of the Mediterranean. Atlas' history and unmatched reputation give our listings the best-in-class exposure they deserve, assuring buyers that they're working with a reliable partner.

Setting the world's highest standard.

Established in 2008, Atlas Properties & Construction has grown to become the Mediterranean's leading luxury residential real estate brokerage. Thanks to our large global footprint, local expertise, and unique reference network, we ensure that the properties we represent receive the wide-ranging and unique exposure they deserve.

Turgut Dingil Turgut Dingil
CEO & Founder
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Sales Manager
Sales Manager
Sales Manager
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Atlas Properties & Construction Provides an Overview of Their High-Profit Clients' Trust, Lifestyle, and Luxury Properties