Turkey Champion on the Blue Flag - The Cleanest Beaches

Turkey Champion on the Blue Flag - The Cleanest Beaches


The Capital of the Mediterranean  Antalya, Turkey Champion on the Blue Flag

The Blue Flag, which determines the water quality and standards required for lakes and sea waters to be used for swimming in EU member countries, was awarded to Antalya in Turkey this year. In Turkey, where it is the third country with the highest number of blue flags in the world, Antalya became the champion of Turkey with its magnificent beaches, marinas and quality of tourism boats.

Antalya beaches, the symbol of the city, received a Blue Flag this year within the scope of the program implemented in 49 countries and carried out in Turkey, organized by the Turkish Environmental Education Foundation. The Blue Flag will fly on the beaches of Erenkuş, Erdal İnönü, İnciraltı, Mobil and Konserve Bay, which will begin to serve in a very short time as the tourism ministry will explain.

Erdal İnönü City Park Falez Beach, which has been awarded the Blue Flag for the 5th time this year and is accustomed to receiving an award, has a sunbathing area of ​​125 square meters. Falez Beach, located just below the Adalya Foundation Barrier-Free Café of the municipality, has a large sunbathing area with 175 square meters created with a wooden platform. Inciraltı Falez Beach, which has the opportunity to get off by elevator, sunbeds, umbrellas and buffet services of the municipality, is built on a 625 square meter wooden platform.

According to the European Swimming Water Regulations of the beaches that want to have this flag;
Increasing water quality, disposal of wastewater, environmental awareness activities in the coastal resort, environmental awareness of the local people, construction in accordance with the zoning plan, not allowing algae and plants to create a bad image on the beach, recycling, opportunities Pets, motor vehicles, number of lifeguards, It is expected to be suitable for issues such as first aid, disabled toilet. There are about 27 items to follow.