Registration of a mobile phone in Turkey: Instructions

Registration of a mobile phone in Turkey: Instructions


As we mentioned in an earlier article, if you plan to use communication devices (mobile phones and tablets) imported from another country on the territory of the Republic of Turkey by connecting a Turkish SIM card, you will need to register them 

The unregistered grace period is 120 days and is counted from the moment you insert the Turkish SIM card into the machine. After the expiration of this period, IMEI will be blocked and you will no longer be able to use your device in Turkey, even if you insert another Turkish SIM card. However, with SIM cards of other countries besides Turkey, as well as on the Wi-Fi network, your phone will work as usual.


Reprogram the phone by changing the current IMEI ("re-blink").

This is illegal. The new IMEI will probably come from the stolen phone - you can take care of the police. This measure is temporary – after 6 months the phone will be locked again. After the phone "flashes", it will lose the warranty.

Buy a new phone in the country. However, it should be taken into account that electronic devices, including mobile phones, are on average 20% or more expensive in Turkey. As an option - to purchase the simplest smartphone and distribute the mobile Internet to other devices.
Register your phone officially. If you plan to live permanently in Turkey and want to use your existing gadget, this method is the most suitable.



You cannot register the device without a valid residence permit (residence).
 According to the law, only 1 device can be registered for 1 name, and only 1 device every 3 years. The device will work only with a SIM card registered with the same name.


A foreign passport.
Turkish tax number - it is received for free in 5 minutes. Upon presentation of the passport in the Tax Office (Tax Office) (original + copy), copies of the full address of residence in Turkey and in the tax Office indicating the names of your family.
Valid residence permit (residence) in Turkey.
Login and password to the e-Government (electronic representative of government services in Turkey)
Receipt for payment of state duty
IMEI-Device number
The device itself


1. To pay the state fee.

As of January 2021, it corresponds to the 2006 Turkish lira.

Payment can be made:

By submitting a passport, credit card, tax number, the device itself and the IMEI number to the Tax Authority's tax office. The IMEI number can be seen on the label on the bottom of the gadget's battery or by typing * # 06 #. Be sure to keep the receipt.
Online at the tax site via the link to the online https://intvd.gib.gov.tr/internetvd/template.jsp?page=IVD_CEP_TEL_ In the window that opens, you need to enter your data from icamet: TC number (individual number of the foreigner), name and surname of the device, IMEI. ! Payment is made only from a Turkish debit card! Be sure to register and print a check for payment of the state fee.
It is in the safe of the Turkish bank. Be sure to keep the receipt.

2. Get a login and password to the electronic representative office of E-Government services.

You can do this at any PTT mail branch. The cost of this service is 2 pounds if you do it for the first time. If you have already applied to the RRT about this issue before, but have lost access to it, then the recovery will cost 4 pounds. You will receive access in the form of SMS.

3. In fact, to register the device itself.

This can be done:

 By submitting the device itself, the payment receipt and the E-Government login/password (registration is performed here) at any main office of the mobile phone operator (Türk Telekom, Türkcell, Vodafon). The cost of the procedure is about 100 Turkish lira, so clarify this before starting the registration process. In the process, an office employee can change your password from the E-Government, do not forget to write it down.
Independently, by opening the E-Government.
But before we start…


Everything is in Turkish in the system and there is no transition to another language;
You can register and use mobile phones brought from abroad only for your personal use;
The device's entry date (device import) should not exceed 120 days;
the fee must be paid at the tax offices, banks appointed by the Ministry of Finance, or payment institutions integrated into the system by entering the applicant's identification number and the IMEI number received by dialing * # 06 # on the device to be registered;
The fee you make is valid for the year after your payment;
the registration process consists of 4 stages and all stages must be completed;
It is not possible to correct entries made with the wrong IMEI.


1) As mentioned before, the Turkish government cell phone record Services of e-government through the electronic representation are held at the following address: https://www.turkiye.gov.tr / everything there is in English, the translator of Google Chrome to go through the site and therefore the most appropriate way the page into Russian (in the page field, right-click and select the appropriate item from the popup menu).

2) From the upper right corner we press the Login (Log In).

3) In the first field we enter your residence number, in the second we enter the password from the E—Government (PPT) that you received from the post office.

4) Then you need to go to the link https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/btk-imei-kaydet . The IMEI registration form opens. The instruction will again be in Turkish, just as we translated it into Russian.

5) We go through 4 stages, filling out all the fields of the questionnaire very carefully.

It can not be said that the procedure is easy, but you will have a tremendous experience of using E-Government.

If you did everything right, but in the end your mobile phone will be registered.

If the device was locked before registration, the device's operation will be restored within 24 hours. Periodically check the status by rebooting your phone.


We recommend that you register the device without waiting for blocking, because your access to the E-Country is sent only to your Turkish number as a message. If you still do not have time, you can add your card to another work machine when receiving SMS.