A Combination of Wealth and Architectural Heritage. : Alanya City Center

A Combination of Wealth and Architectural Heritage. : Alanya City Center


If you go to the center of Alanya, you will see that the energy of each corner and stone is different. The cobblestone streets tinged with blue, the plain and old buildings and the pink bougainvillea pouring from the window boxes and the oranges on the trees appear as a chromatic explosion.

You observe that the shopkeepers, who turn off the lights at night and lock their shops with a simple lock, do not put all their belongings inside. This is the question every first comer asks, but the answer lies within. Even in Alanya's most crowded and timeless city center, life reliability is at the highest level. For those who live here, the center is the epitome of living without fear.

Alanya center is home to about half of the population of 350 thousand people. Gazipasa and Antalya International Airports provide daily uninterrupted service to every town and region, especially Alanya centre, with 24/7 transfer services.

You never ask questions about what to do at the center because the options are so plentiful that you might be surprised at what to do.
 You can chill out in handmade coffee shops of various brands, take a stroll among the historical beauty of Kızılkule pier and Tophane district, dance, eat and swim on pirate ships. Wouldn't you like to have thousands of cinematic photos in the arms of the castle full of secrets? Or to parachute the way from the mountain to the sea? Swimming in the deep and clean waters of Cleopatra, one of the longest beaches in the world?
Alanya is the name of getting to know life in a completely different way.

This is a long-established holiday resort known for its coastal sea houses, villas with cinematic coastal views and extensive grounds. A combination of wealth and popularity... Mostly, it's a vibrant, lush green and elite community with a mix of luxury waterfront buildings and stunning art deco detached houses. The attractiveness of Alanya for centuries reflects successful efforts to preserve its architectural heritage.