Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Housing in Turkey

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Housing in Turkey


In recent years, especially foreign investors have been wondering whether Turkey is a good investment country. The real estate sector; It is one of the sectors that continues to grow despite the economic and social problems we are in. In 2020, 60,000 real estate sales were made to investors from various countries in our country. Housing sales continue to rise, with a forecast of around 80,000 in 2021. Why do investors and buyers who want to own a house prefer Turkey? Let's take a look at the reasons we have prepared for you;

1. Geolocation and Infrastructure

Our country; Due to its geopolitical location, it is known as the most important transit point of the Middle East, Asia and Europe. Thanks to its large housing market, easy access and strong economic infrastructure, it is seen as the most suitable region for investors. With the recent worldwide mega projects such as Istanbul Airport, Marmaray and Kanal Istanbul, it attracts many investors to our country in the purchase and sale of housing.

2. Cultural and Social Opportunities

Turkey hosts many important cultural activities, from blue flag beaches to sports activities such as golf and rafting. According to the statement of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, 41 million tourists came to Turkey in the first 10 months of 2019. The realization of direct flights to many countries from our important cities such as Istanbul and Antalya will continue to increase this rate from year to year.

3. Exchange Rate

Due to the recent fluctuation of the exchange rate, foreign investors prefer to invest in our country. According to the end of April 2019 data, foreign direct investment was over 3.1 billion dollars.

4. Affordable Housing Prices

Compared to other countries, Turkey draws attention with its affordable prices per square meter. In addition, you can make a long-term investment thanks to the housing prices that continue to increase day by day.

5. Advanced Architectural Technologies

In recent years, many construction companies have focused on the latest and advanced home technologies in residential architectures. In addition to smart home technology, the newly built projects also provide common social facilities such as a fitness center, swimming pool and sauna.

6. Life and Career Opportunity

According to the results of the HSBC group, which carries out one of the largest independent immigration surveys on a global scale, Turkey is the seventh country among 163 countries that offers the best life and career opportunities, according to the opinions of more than 18 thousand immigrants.

7. Citizenship Opportunity

With the decision published in the Official Gazate last year, the financial and investment costs in the process of transitioning to Turkish citizenship were reduced. Accordingly, foreigners who buy real estate worth at least 250.000 USD in our country and hold it for three years will be able to apply for Turkish citizenship directly.

8. Costs of Living

Compared to European countries, our country is extremely affordable in terms of living expenses. Many immigrants lead a luxurious life thanks to the changing exchange rate.

9. Ease of Trading

Buying real estate in our country is a very easy process. According to the legal processes that have come into force recently, the time from choosing your house to receiving your title deed is only one week. As a result of these innovations, many investors also consider rent-guaranteed apartments.

10. Payment Plans

One of the best options for buying a home is to consider off-plan projects ranging from 1 to 5 years. The low prices of the newly built flats and the interest-free installment options are also important factors.