Prices for Apartments in Alanya: How Are They Formed and Changed

Prices for Apartments in Alanya: How Are They Formed and Changed


Buying a property in Alanya by the sea is not only a profitable investment option, it is an opportunity to change your lifestyle to a healthier, better and happier one. The unique climate, the warm Mediterranean Sea, the Toros Mountains covered with coniferous forests, plantations of organic fruits and vegetables, the hospitality of local residents and the loyal attitude of the state towards foreigners in general - these are just a few arguments in favor of investing in real estate in Alanya.

One of the most important questions that real estate buyers ask, of course, is the price. And there is no definite answer. Alanya real estate is represented by a wide variety of objects: detached villas and villas in large complexes, apartments in complexes with extensive hotel infrastructure, apartments in houses without infrastructure, secondary market facilities, new and under construction. The city is actively growing, a lot of new complexes of different levels and price ranges are being built every year.

By purchasing a property under construction, you are making a very profitable investment. After the completion of the complex, apartments increase in value by an average of 20-30%. In addition, there is an annual increase in prices in the general real estate market by the sea. You get the opportunity to either resell the finished housing at a higher price, or receive additional income from renting.

In Turkey and, in particular, in Alanya, there is no such thing as the cost per square meter, since the price of an apartment depends on many different factors. The following points have the most significant impact on the cost:

The location of the residential complex: the area of the city and the distance from the sea – the closer to the center and the sea, the more expensive.
The side of the world and the view from the windows: south-facing apartments are more expensive than their northern counterparts; sea views are more expensive than mountain views or city views.

Floor: the higher, the more expensive, in the same building.
Apartment area: everything is simple here, the larger the area, the more expensive.
The stage of readiness: at the stage of excavation or construction; the object is put into operation; the apartment is rented "turnkey", or you need to buy equipment, furniture, decor, etc..
Year of construction of an apartment building: the older the house, the lower the cost of apartments in it.
Building quality: construction materials, finishing works, exclusivity of the project.
The infrastructure of the complex, the level of its service: the richer the infrastructure of the complex, the more expensive the apartments.
The infrastructure of the surrounding area, as well as the prospect of its development: also a direct dependence – the more developed and younger the area, the more expensive housing in it.

Do not be surprised if the apartments in the same building are almost identical in size, but located on different floors and oriented to different directions of the world will be very different in cost.

When buying a property in Alanya, be extremely careful: a variety of choices and price offers can easily be misleading. Choosing an apartment at the lowest cost, especially in the secondary market, evaluate the prospects for repair costs and the deterioration of general house communications. In addition, it is possible that there are "pitfalls" in terms of "cleanliness" and the availability of all necessary documents. Too low cost is a reason to think very hard about its cause and carefully check both the apartment itself and the complex.

New complexes should also be carefully checked: from the quality of the building itself to the reputation of the developer company.

It is also worth noting that seasonality is visible in the resort real estate market: as a rule, during the cold season, prices fall somewhat. However, this does not apply to new apartments – developers' prices are unchanged at any time of the year.

Experienced employees of our company will help you choose the option that best suits your wishes with an optimal ratio of cost and characteristics, as well as accompany you on the registration of a purchase and sale transaction, receiving TAPU and support you at all stages of a new life in our hospitable country.