How to Buy A Car in Turkey

How to Buy A Car in Turkey


In recent years, buying real estate in Turkey has become quite affordable for foreigners, including residents of the former CIS. By purchasing an apartment or a villa in the Republic of Turkey, and especially in Alanya, you have the opportunity to issue a residence permit and move for permanent residence. And in combination with the healing climate, magnificent nature and a high level of service, for many a prerequisite for comfort is the presence of a car. After all, in the modern world, a car is not just a means of transportation, all cases quickly, freely and conveniently solving, travel, exploring new corners of Turkey's gorgeous in the mountains or just visit a restaurant with views of the city shopping shopping comfortable editing and the opportunity to worry about delivery.
Everyone can buy a car in Turkey, regardless of citizenship. However, it should still be borne in mind that, in comparison with other countries, a car in Turkey is a rather expensive purchase. Car prices in Turkey are very high, and gasoline is one of the most expensive in the world.

Depending on the model, the cost of a new car in Turkey may differ by 10% -40% from the cost in the CIS countries. This is due to the fact that two taxes are included in the price of the car:
OTV ((Excise Tax) - luxury goods tax: from 45% to 130% of the vehicle's value, depending on the engine capacity;VAT - VAT, value added tax: 18% of the vehicle's value.

The highest taxes on foreign cars. Therefore, cars manufactured at domestic factories are popular in the Republic of Turkey. For example, at the end of 2020, Fiat, Renault and Ford became the best-selling car brands in the Turkish automotive sunday.

It is also necessary to take into account the annual maintenance costs of the car:

shipping tax - automobile emissions to the level of the seat depending on the number and age of the revaluation coefficient is determined by 2 equal installments per year: 1) 2 January) until the end of paid during the month of July;insurance - local plates for vehicles with compulsory insurance (policy, the price of depends on the vehicle and the characteristics of the area);technical inspection fee - the transport of passengers for two years, a year, 2 years for commercial transport and passenger transport;maintenance expenses for compulsory traffic insurance is required.


If you have decided on the model of your future car, immediately go to the salon of an official dealership, where you can go for a test drive.

It is necessary to make a purchase :

a copy of a foreign passport,a Turkish tax number, a copy of a copy of a icameta a car dealership,a representative in the Traffic Police (Traffic Branch registration) notary power of attorney for the registration of a car (a notarized translation of the passport will be required to grant power of attorney); CTP insurance is compulsory.

As a rule, the price of the car already includes a service for processing all documents and obtaining license plates, but we still recommend checking this point with the dealership manager.

If the necessary model is available in the salon in the configuration and color of your choice, the registration process will take 3-4 working days.

Buying a used car in TURKEY

Buying a used car in Turkey is a very risky business at many points. At least because many local motorists use the car very cruelly, and if there are a lot of problems with this, they prefer to sell it without investing money in repairs.

To choose a car, you can use well-known online resources in Turkey, for example:




In addition, there are companies october knowingly sell used cars - dealerships.

The purchase and sale of a car is carried out by a notary who will strictly check the car for the absence of arrears in fines and taxes before the transaction.

It is also necessary to register the car with the traffic police (in the department for working with foreigners), pass a technical inspection and get a license plate. You can do this on your own or using the services of assistants - plug-ins (plug-ins). Their offices are usually located next to the traffic police building.

As a result of all the procedures, you should:

vehicle certificate - license plate - license plate

Foreigners receive license plates of the MA-MZ series, where the letter M means "wrong" - "guest". The number itself consists of the first two digits indicating the region (for example, 07 - Antalya), then the letters of the series, then the vehicle number itself. 

When a vehicle is registered to a foreigner, only he and his family members can use it, as indicated on the certificate. If you want to issue your car to another person (other than family members), you must issue a notarized power of attorney.

If the car is registered to a Turkish citizen, there is a certificate and a driver's license for the car, anyone can use it without a power of attorney.