Mobile Communication and Internet in Turkey

Mobile Communication and Internet in Turkey


In the modern world, wherever we are, we can no longer do without mobile communication and the Internet. When going on a trip, you definitely need to think about this important point, taking into account the duration of your stay and its effectiveness.

As a rule, roaming on any operator is very expensive, incoming calls and the Internet are charged, unlimited packages are not provided. If you are going to travel abroad for only a few days, then, of course, you can use the roaming communication services of your mobile operator, as well as at the airport, hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc. You can do it with free Wi-Fi. It is advisable to purchase a SIM card of a local telecom operator if you are staying abroad, especially in Turkey for a longer period of time.

The demand for these operators is related to their scope and technical capabilities, which favorably distinguishes them from the general background.

In general, the volume of services, costs, quality of communication and mobile Internet speed for each of these companies do not have great differences. The only thing that makes Vodafone stand out a little from the general background is a convenient tariff "As at home" for owners of a SIM card from one of the European countries.

Probably, it is not necessary to remind you that when buying a SIM card from a Turkish operator, you should carefully study the packages offered, the ratio of prices and the volume of services offered, as well as whether they meet your communication and mobile Internet needs. One of the cheapest packages today is offered by Türk Telekom. TurkCell has the widest coverage and slightly better internet speed than others, although the cost of its packages is higher.

All operators provide their services on the same terms throughout the country, regardless of which city the package was purchased in. There is no circulation dec the provinces and cities.

An interesting fact: mobile Internet on the territory of the Republic of Turkey is much better than fixed: the speed is higher and it works more stably. If you need the Internet not only for simple operations, but also for work, then keep this in mind when choosing a package of services.


SIM cards purchased in Turkey are valid for only 3 months. they become inactive after 90 days. This is due to the fact that the stay of guests (tourists) in the country is also limited to these 90 days.

If you need a SIM card for a longer period of time, there are 2 options:

reissuing the number to a Turkish citizen; obtaining a residence permit and not a passport, but already giving a phone number for yourself using a residence permit (foreign identity card).

To purchase a Turkish SIM card, you will only need your passport or (if any) an icamete. The cost of the SIM card itself (without a connected tariff) is about $ 7. It is most profitable and convenient to purchase package tariff offers, where a certain number of minutes of mobile communication and Internet volume are already provided. In Turkey, you can buy a SIM card and pay for communication services in many places: at the airport, travel companies, shopping centers, supermarket checkout counters. However, the offices of mobile operators and the agencies we recommend this because the prices are lower, the information is more complete, and, as a rule, English and even Russian-speaking staff.


According to Turkish law, all mobile phones on the territory of the state must be registered – the device identification number (IMEI) is entered into a special unified database. As soon as you insert a Turkish SIM card into your phone, it appears on the network and its activity is monitored.

There is a special grace period for tourists, during which you can use a mobile device without registration - 120 days.

After this time, IMEI will be blocked and you will never be able to use this device in Turkey again! On the territory of other states and with SIM cards of other states, the phone will work normally.

Therefore, if you plan to stay in Turkey and use your mobile phone with a Turkish SIM card for more than 120 days, you will need to not only issue a residence permit, but also register the phone by paying a special tax (in 2021 it is about 2,000 Turkish liras).
In the next article, we will tell you more about how to register a mobile phone brought to Turkey from another country.