How to Pay the Annual Property Tax in Turkey

How to Pay the Annual Property Tax in Turkey


The annual property tax in Turkey is paid twice a year: in the spring (until the end of May) and in the autumn (from the beginning of September to the end of November). If you violate the terms of payment, you will be charged a penalty for late payment, as well as the amount of taxes.


The annual tax on Turkish real estate is calculated not from the value specified in your sales contract, but from the cadastral value - the expert value of the real estate specified in the Title Deed. As a rule, its cadastral value is less than the real one.

The annual tax on Turkish real estate is as follows:

in housing - 0.1 - 0.2% (there are more of them in metropolitan areas);
for commercial - 0.4%;
land for agricultural land - 0,2%;
of the land on which you can build commercial facilities, -0.6%.


Come personally to the city or regional administration, show the tapa - they will tell you the amount to be paid.
Pay the tax by credit card on the administration's website. The site is in Turkish language.


Follow the link https://e-belediye.alanya.bel.tr/webportal/index.php and select the item "Payment without registration".
You leave the first field blank.
In the second field you write your Tin (Tax ID, Tax Number). If you do not have a Turkish tin, you need to get it from the office or the tax office.
In the third field, enter the Registration Number, this is the registration number from which you can look at the previous tax receipt — it is listed at the top right.
Enter the numbers in the picture - confirm that you are human.You press the "Query" button (send).

If everything is entered correctly, a list with your tax arrears will open or a message will pop up stating that you do not owe money.

If there are taxes to be paid, you can pay them right here - mark the desired items and click the button.