Entering Turkey by Car

Entering Turkey by Car


Many foreigners who have decided to settle in Turkey want to bring their car to Turkey. This issue became even more relevant after the closure of the air borders. We share useful information on how to enter the Republic of Turkey in your car.


Prerequisite: the owner of the car must be a resident of another state, that is, reside in a foreign country (not in Turkey!) at least 185 days during the last year preceding the date of the intended entry into Turkey). Otherwise, the entrance to your car will be closed.It is necessary to declare the car at customs.
It is necessary to apply for car insurance. This may be an international Green-Card auto insurance policy. This insurance is valid in 48 countries, it can be purchased either in advance in your country, or bought at the border. Or you can buy insurance at the border already in Turkey itself, which will be more profitable: for three months - 600 liras, for a year -1200 liras.
After entering, your car must be in Turkey for AT LEAST 2 years (730 days). It is forbidden to leave Turkey by car during this period. That is, you can only leave the country WITHOUT a CAR. If you violate this rule, the period is reset to zero and for the next import of the car, you must be absent from Turkey for 185 days again.


* The exception is pensioners – now they can import cars indefinitely! You can leave and come back again, during the validity period of the residence permit. As the residence permit is extended, the period of stay of the car is extended.

** There is now a temporary "pandemic" order on the permitted departure for 15 days and return. This order is aimed at legalizing the export of cars stuck in Turkey due to the closure of land borders for more than two years. It is important to remember that this opportunity can be closed at any time.

If the owner of the car leaves Turkey for any period, he must report to customs 1 day in advance and write a statement that his car will be parked and that no one will use it. In the application, you must reliably indicate the parking address.


Foreign passport of the owner of the car (if there is a residence permit)Driver's license in the name of the owner of the car.
A document confirming the ownership of the car and that the car is registered in the country of residence (PTS).
An insurance policy that will be valid on the territory of Turkey.
For retired citizens, a document confirming the status of a pensioner, translated into Turkish and apostilled.
For persons importing a car belonging to a legal entity – a document confirming that this person is an employee of the company.
If the car is used by proxy, or rented – a valid power of attorney or lease agreement.
Customs clearance of the vehicle is carried out FREE OF CHARGE. Any demand for payment is considered illegal.