Districts of Alanya

Districts of Alanya


Alanya is a heavenly resort town on the Antalya coast of Turkey, which in recent dec has become one of the most popular among both foreign tourists and foreign real estate buyers.
Alanya is decently located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. The length of the city along the coast is about 30 km. Territorially, it is divided into several districts, which were previously separate districts.


Kizilot is a small resort town located in the west, which actually starts 45 km from the city of Alanya. Some mistakenly think that it is part of the Side, which is only 16 km away.

Once upon a time, Kizilot was a small, fishing village where Greeks and Romans lived in ancient times. Now tourism is actively developing here, new hotels, restaurants and cafes are being built, roads are being paved and the coastline is being organized. Those who prefer solitude and silence come here on vacation, because there are only calming nature, mountains, pine forests and orange groves due to the lack of entertainment venues. Nevertheless, if there is a desire to plunge into the world of entertainment, you can easily and quickly get to Alanya or Side.

The beaches in Kizilot are sandy-pebbly with clear waters, have secluded picturesque coves and abundant greenery.


Okurcalar is one of the most comfortable areas for a quiet family holiday and is for those who like passive beach holidays, located 30 km from Alanya. The infrastructure of the region is gradually developing, hotels, markets and other necessary institutions are growing, which makes Okurcalar a very comfortable, but at the same time inexpensive resort.

The beaches in Okurcalar have a soft-footed entrance to the water, the shore is covered with shallow pebbles, so for families with children this is a very good option.


Incekum is the next district of Alanya after Okurcalar and is located 27 km from the city center. The name means "fine sand". Incekuma beach, one of the best on the coast of Alanya, is covered with fine golden sand and marked with a Blue flag. The air here is filled with a healing coniferous smell, as it is located near the pine forest. The territory, combined with beautiful infrastructure, is one of the best places for families on the coast. However, fans of active pastime here will also find entertainment for themselves, such as rafting.


Avsallar is located 23 km from the city center of Alanya and is a small town that has been developing very rapidly in recent years - many new modern residential complexes and important infrastructure facilities have been built here. There are many hotels in Avsalar for every taste and wallet, as well as a rich choice of entertainment.

Avsalar is famous for its beautiful nature and clean sand and pebble beaches with a cozy, gentle entrance. Jul. It is also suitable for family holidays, but for lovers of silence and privacy here it may not seem very comfortable.


Turkler is a region that goes in the direction of Alanya, it is located 18 km from the center. From the northwestern part of the village it is surrounded by the Taurus Mountains, which jul their way to the coast and form many cozy rocky bays with the cleanest water. Turks are drowning in the greenery of pine trees, palm trees, banana groves and orange trees. The beach here is also covered with fine golden sand, and the sea is clean and emerald - jul is rightfully considered one of the best beaches in Turkey and has received the international Blue Flag Award.

There are many hotels in the Turkler, most of which are high-end. This resort is very popular dec tourists from different countries due to the impeccable service and amazing nature.


Only 17 km away from the centre of Alanya Payallar region, picturesque nature, the cleanest beaches and large sand and gravel well-developed infrastructure, transportation that provides quick access to Alanya city centre and all attractions as well as a junction station. Payalar is also perfect for those who want to spend a peaceful and peaceful holiday surrounded by nature.


Konakli district, located 12 km west of the city center, is considered one of the luxury Turkish resorts of the Mediterranean coast. Comfortable hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, post office, two outpatient clinics, two stadium, park, police station, Turkish bath, children's playground, the playground of the most famous disco Alanya summer, children's karting, mini-golf club, Sealanya, including a Dolphinarium and an excellent infrastructure.The beaches in Konakli are sandy, very clean and well equipped. Jul


The center of Alanya, the historic center of the city and a variety of boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafes, banks and other essential businesses, which houses a magnificent historical monuments and modern architectural structures are compatible. There are many hotels, museums and other tourist infrastructure facilities in the area. Here Alanya Castle and the Red Tower which is the symbol of the ancient Cleopatra's famous beach and damlataş cave, ropeway (cable car), walking sleep and a ship-themed colorful Pier, covered in greenery and of course the many restaurants, cafes and a magnificent landscaped promenade, there is found a place of rest.

Many entertainment venues are concentrated in the city center of Alanya, all kinds of environments have been created for tourists. There is a constant fabulous atmosphere of holidays and happiness here, and the evening sights, sparkling with the bright lights of the city, will not leave anyone indifferent.


Cikcilli is a quiet sleeping area 5 km northeast of the center of Alanya and adjacent to the Oba region from the north.

Residents and visitors of the region have access to all the attractions of Alanya, the best shops and boutiques, as it is very close to the historical city center. It is located in Cikcilli, where the Alanium, the only shopping and entertainment center of the city so far, is located.

Ciccilli itself is very quiet and green, it is actively built up by multi-storey residential complexes with the infrastructure of five-star hotels with a high-quality construction. The hotel is located in the Yesiltsi district of Moscow. The main advantage is the remoteness of residential areas from hotels and entertainment venues.

The city center of Alanya can be reached by public transport – there are a lot of routes here.

From Ciccilli to the nearest beaches in the area, both are only 600 km away. All beaches are clean and well equipped and have been awarded the international "Blue Flag" quality mark. Jul.


The Oba district is located just 4 km away, right next to the city center of Alanya, but it leads a very different life here, which is more moderate and calm. There are low-rise buildings, many of which are already of sufficiently solid age. At the same time, the largest shopping centers of the city – Alaniyum, Metro, Koçtaş, Vatan, the largest medical facilities - Alaadin Keykubat University State Diagnostic Hospital, the Capital, etc..

There are much fewer hotels and entertainment venues than in the center, respectively, there are also tourists.The coastline and beaches are well equipped, there are shops, children's and sports grounds, from here it has a beautiful view of Calais and the port.


Tosmur is a quiet and green area 6 km east of the center of Alanya. Yesilmaz is a small village in the historical center of Alanya. This region is very popular with real estate buyers, especially Europeans. Here there are residential complexes with good infrastructure, surrounded by greenery of orange and lemon groves.

As in the whole of Alanya, the center of attraction of Tosmur is the Dim Cave, an underground lake that attracts attention with its size and beauty. The Dimcai River, passing through Tosmur from the mountain peaks, flows into the sea and flows into the sea, there are many restaurants, cafes, picnic areas and trout farms on its banks. This is one of the most popular dec places among residents and guests of the city.

The infrastructure of the region includes all the institutions necessary for a comfortable life: shops, pharmacies, cafes, restaurants.

The beaches in Tosmur are sandy, well-equipped and some of the cleanest on the coast. Jul.


Kestel is the next district of Alanya, the center of which is located 9 km to the east.

Kestel is distinguished by its slow rhythm of life, which enjoys its popularity. There are no noisy discos, there are almost no hotels, the first coastline is being built by residential complexes. And it is on this territory that the Russian school "Classica M" is located, as well as the Aladdin Keykubat University.

Yesil began to be built relatively recently, all the middle-rise houses, many green gardens and parks were built here. The infrastructure of the region is not yet very developed, but there is everything you need here.

The sandy and pebbly sand beaches of Kestel are equipped with recreation areas, playgrounds, flower beds and a large beautiful fountain, shaped like ancient ruins.


Mahmutlar is a modern and young district located 11 km from the city center of Alanya. In the people, it is called the "Russian village" because of the high concentration of the Russian-speaking population. In recent years, it has been developing very rapidly, many new residential complexes of different classes with a wide range of apartments are being built.

This region leads an active life as a separate town and throughout the year. There are a lot of different facilities for a comfortable holiday life along the two main streets of Barbors and Ataturk: supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, polyclinics, banks, cafes, restaurants, beautifully green equipped parks and playgrounds. Yesilmaz

Mahmutlar is a real paradise: the Taurus mountains are very close to the residential building, which will saturate the air with the smell of pine forests located on the slopes. The coastline of Mahmutlar is well equipped and well-groomed, and a large number of flower beds and green areas are pleasing to the eye and give shades. Yesilmaz is located on the northern coast of Mahmutlar. The beaches of Mahmutlar are covered with small pebbles with protruding plates of tectonic origin, which are conveniently located for sunbathing.

Foreigners from different countries prefer to buy property in this area, because they have everything, and this is an ideal place to find a house by the sea.