A Place That Offers Everything Worth Living Together; Mahmutlar

A Place That Offers Everything Worth Living Together; Mahmutlar


Mahmutlar is the only town where you can witness the most beautiful sun and cinematic views along Alanya's coastal communities.

Located approximately 14 kilometers east of Alanya city center, Mahmutlar stretches to Aplus blue flag beaches. These beaches are serious business and have been designed after a lot of hard work. A recent “Leave Only a Footprint” campaign aims to remain intact and safe for endangered species such as beach-goers and nesting sea turtles alike. Life at Gulf Shores and Mahmutlar properties and communities for sale revolves around everything aquatic: swimming, diving, sunset sails and deep sea fishing and 365 days of vacation life...

The area has been receiving recent accolades. With these accolades, Mahmutlar declared that the secret of the holiday has been revealed in a "somewhat hidden treasure" place.

Those adventuring on the white sands will enjoy the famous fresh seafood of Mahmutlar, shopping, country walks and golf. It offers everything worth living together with its weekly fruit and vegetable markets, breakfasts with "gözleme" that can be heard from afar, the dynamic infrastructure of the region, and gourmet chef restaurants.

Known families have been coming here for generations and owning properties for sale in Mahmutlar. It is precisely Mahmutlar, fascinated by Alanya's energy, that makes the coastal area accessible and fuels the growth of the tourism industry.

Buyers of Mahmutlar's beach houses, young families and retirees are particularly impressed by the relaxed atmosphere, the many activities and the beautiful weather.
It is possible to find the best examples of house styles that attract attention with their abundant windows, front porches and high ceilings. Some new homes pay homage to the historic style. The Mahmutlar luxury real estate market includes its share of custom-built estates in gated communities and high-rise apartments, some offering head-to-toe residences and spiral balconies for 360-degree views.