Buying a Big House or Buying a Small House?

Buying a Big House or Buying a Small House?


Buying a Big House or Buying a Small House?

Buying a Big House or Buying a Small House? As the ATLAS Properties&Construction team, which is an expert on the question that we receive frequently, we would like to inform you about this. Have you saved to buy a house and are undecided about buying a small house or a large flat? So let's examine the advantages of the big and small house separately. You can make the best choice by choosing that house for whatever reason is suitable for you.

Advantages of Buying a Big House

The advantage of buying a large apartment is that each of your children will have their own room. In addition, a separate room where a guest can stay is suitable for both you and your guest to stay comfortable. You can also allocate a pantry or a small room to store your excess items in large apartments. In other words, a house with 4 rooms or a house with 5 rooms is always the indispensable choice of large families. If your mother or father also lives with you, it is appropriate to stay in the big house. A separate room for you, a separate room for the children. A separate room for your parents ensures everyone's comfort.

Advantages of Buying a Tiny House

The biggest advantage of buying a small apartment is to live in accordance with the philosophy of minimalism. In other words, even though we have many things, clothes and places in our lives, we cannot be happy. Because a lot of goods cause a lot of trouble and this situation will bother us after a while. So if you are a small family, a small apartment with 2 or 3 rooms is ideal for you.

You can check our website for ATLAS Properties&Construction's current prices and project details. Let us remind you that our project is suitable for the housing loan applied by state banks. Our apartments, which were bought at the project stage for investment purposes and now offered for sale, are also on various platforms.

Does it make sense to buy a big house or a small house?

Small house heating also comes at a low price. The amount you pay for natural gas can vary between 400 lira and 800 lira. As the square meter of the house grows, you need to increase the degree to heat it. Whereas, small houses are heated equally and better. Since the invoice you receive will be at a low price, you will both make a profit and increase your heating quality.


The price difference between the large apartment and the small apartment differs according to the square meter. While your house has 2 rooms and is 120 square meters, a 3 rooms house can also have 120 square meters.  When comparing houses by price, it is more logical to compare them by size rather than by the number of rooms. The price difference also varies between the new building and the houses that are 15-20 years old. For example, while you can buy a 10 years old apartment for 300 thousand Liras, you can also buy a brand new house for the same money. However, its square meter will be less than the other house.