Rent Your Bought House, Always Earn

Rent Your Bought House, Always Earn


The high demand for summer houses in many coastal spots of Alanya makes investors profitable by buying and renting houses. Many tenant guests who come to Alanya rent holiday homes for 8 to 10 days, and in this case, the landlords get a fixed income by renting their homes to many holidaymakers throughout the year.
Buying a house and owning an investment property in Alanya are the most preferred smart investments.
Proximity to the beach and sea view make a big difference in this rental holiday rental. If you are buying a property further from the beach, perhaps you might want to consider a permanent tenant rather than a vacation rental. 

Many holiday apartments are built for short-term rentals and have small rooms. While smaller or motel-style apartments can generate a higher rental yield than the purchase price, you can increase the higher rental yield by choosing a self-contained apartment with larger rooms and a separate kitchen, laundry, bathroom, and bedrooms.Generally, these types of properties for sale give you better capital gains and the option to move in the future if you decide it's time to change your lifestyle.
An apartment you will buy in Alanya right now will be a great legacy, memory and a tangible future that will keep your name alive for your future generations and their future generations.