How to Get a Job in Turkey

How to Get a Job in Turkey


Many who are thinking about moving to Turkey for permanent residence are asking questions: can foreigners work in Turkey, how to find a job in Turkey, and what professions are available to foreigners in Turkey. In general, employment options in Turkey can be divided into two categories:

  • permanent employment
    temporary/seasonal employment is usually common in the tourism sector.

In terms of job search, Turkey is practically no different from any other country, but still Turks prefer more personal communication with applicants.

The main sources of information about vacancies:

social networks can be various thematic groups, there may be vacancies on behalf of business pages of companies, as well as the well-known and sometimes the most effective "rule of 7 handshakes", when you can find out about a vacancy through a chain of acquaintances;
acquaintances and friends who have already worked or are working in Turkey;
official state portals on the Internet (Employment Department, Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, government investment portal);
newspapers - print media in Turkey still have a great interest from readers, so it is customary in the Republic of Turkey to publish vacancies in newspapers;
personal appeal to the company – this can be done in many ways: send a message from the company's business page on social networks, send a message from the company's website; make an appointment for a rendezvous with the company's head or HR manager.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER: in order to work in Turkey, a foreigner will have to issue a work permit.

There are three types of work permits:

Short-term (up to a year), often provided for seasonal employment. Süreli Çalışma Izni is available for renewal for up to 6 years, subject to employment with the same employer in the same vacancy.
No expiration date. It is possible to issue a Suresiz Çalışma Izni if you have a residence permit and previous work experience in the Republic of Turkey for at least 6 years.
Independent. When issuing, the presence of a residence permit is taken into account and can be applied to those who go to Turkey in order to run their own business, that is, Independent Work Permit does not depend on any employer. If you have been dreaming of buying a property in Alanya for a long time to live here permanently, do it boldly – a good specialist with an active lifestyle will always find a job in Turkey to apply his knowledge and experience.