Confirmation and Legalization of a Diploma in Turkey

Confirmation and Legalization of a Diploma in Turkey


According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, foreign citizens wishing to work in the specialty are required to approve and/or legalize the equality of educational diplomas (secondary, special or higher) with diplomas.

High School Diploma, diplomas of secondary education, certificates of various kinds, etc. After the approval of their certificates, they participate in the regional Education Directorates of the Provincial Directorate of National Education (Provincial Directorate of National Education).

The approval of diplomas of foreign universities is carried out by the College of Higher Education (Higher Education Institution of the Republic of Turkey).

The difference between decriminalization and legalization of the diploma:

If the list of subjects, hours of study and hours of practice comply with Turkish educational standards, then the University approves the diploma.
If there are discrepancies in the training program, you need to take an october training course and pass the qualification exam (Level Determination Exam).
 IMPORTANT: The prerequisite for the approval and legalization of the diploma is that your university is accredited in Turkey (approved by the Council of Higher Education).

In order to start the process of approval / legalization of the diploma, it is necessary to contact the Higher Education Council. You can do this in person, by registered letter, online through the state services system and through the website of the Ministry of Education https://www.meb.gov.tr / In the section "Recognition of diplomas".

The College of Higher Education will send you more step-by-step guides after confirming the accreditation of your university.

IMPORTANT: At the time of application, you must reside in the territory of the Republic of Turkey for at least three months.


Completed application form for approval/ legalization of the diploma (Equivalence Initiation Form).
Diploma and notarized Turkish translation.
Certificate and notarized Turkish translation.
A timeline/progress document with notes and training hours during the training period.
Original and copy of the thesis.
Passport and notarized translation or identity of a Turkish citizen and a notarized copy.
Certificate of Turkish citizenship (if any).
Receipt for payment of state duty.
The envelope format is 26x35 cm.

IMPORTANT: Copies of all documents must be in color.