Hospitals of Alanya

Hospitals of Alanya


Every foreigner who decides to buy a property and live in Alanya may need to see a doctor. In this article, we will share the important points of Turkey's medical system and talk about various hospitals in the city.

Medical facilities in Turkey are divided into state (State Hospital) and private (Private Hospital). In the Republic of Turkey, medicine is based on insurance. Insurance also takes place on a public and private basis. For more information about health insurance in Turkey, we are in the article entitled "Compulsory Health Insurance in Turkey".

When medical insurance is offered in state medical institutions, the services are free of charge for citizens of the country and partially charged to foreigners.

In case of emergency (including an accident), an ambulance call and hospitalization are free of charge. The cost of further treatment and provision of medical services depends on your insurance policy and the costs stipulated in the insurance policy. A representative of the Turkish medical institution applies to the insurance company and finds out to what extent the insurance company covers the costs. Also, a Russian-speaking representative of the insurance company will call you and inform you of the result and tell you about the action plan.

So, here are a few of the largest hospitals in Alanya.

Aladdin Keykubat University - Alanya Education and Research Hospital

(Alanya Alaadin Keykubat University State Diagnostic Hospital)
Address: Oba Mah. Here is the Hospital Cad. No:13 Alanya / Antalya +90 242 513 48 41 (wn.  No. 1355)
Opening hours: 24/7

Başkent University Alanya Application and Research Center

It's a private clinic.
Address: Palace, Yunus Emre Cd. No:1, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
Phone: +90 242 510 25 25
Working hours: 24/7

Alanya Life Hospital (Alanya Life Hospital)

It's a private clinic.
Address: Şekhane, Refik Bakalı Sk. Street D: No: 3, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
Phone: +90 242 212 05 55
Working hours: 24/7

Antalya Anatolian Hospital (Alanya Anatolia Private Hospital)

It's a private clinic.
Address: Kadıpaşa, Stad Cd. 28/A, 07400 Alanya/Antalya
Phone: +90 242 522 62 62
Working hours: 24/7

Private Alanya Sifa Type Center

It's a private clinic.
Address: Kadıpaşa, Sugözü Cad. Smart Emmi is Apt. Block B:46, 07400 Alanya/Antalya, Turkey
Phone: +90 242 522 01 23
Working hours: 24/7

Syedra Polyclinic:

Russian Russian-speaking clinic The private clinic is a private clinic with Russian-speaking staff located in the most populous Russian-speaking quarter of the state, Mahmutlar.
Address: Mahmutlar Mahallesi, 212 Sok. No: 6 / A Alanya / Antalya, Turkey
Phone: +90 242 528 53 40
Open hours: 7:00-24:00

To each of these clinics, you can make an appointment with a specialist of your choice from the phones you specify, or you can make an appointment online through a form on the site.

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