How Russian Investors Can Invest with Crypto Money in Turkey?

How Russian Investors Can Invest with Crypto Money in Turkey?


In the Mediterranean and Aegean regions of Turkey, hotel, restaurant, car rental, and real estate companies are firmly in the research "How can they invest if Russian tourists come?" Because you know, Mastercard and Visa blocked Russia

What would be the reflection of Russia's invasion of Ukraine on Turkey? It has many aspects from energy to export and import. But these days, tourism professionals—especially hotels in the south, car rental services, real estate, investment companies, etc.—are thinking about it. As a real estate and investment company, we researched the subject for foreign investors who want to own property.

Although we are deeply saddened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, it is unthinkable to hold Russian tourists responsible for this. Since we are a country of tourism and we host tourists from all over the world at our home, we consider each individual as our guest, independent of their state.

As Atlas Properties & Construction team, the most frequently asked question we hear from our Russian customers lately is “How can I buy real estate in Turkey with cryptocurrencies? ''

The other 2 options that come to mind for Russian tourists are cash and cryptocurrencies. Before leaving Russia for cash, they are advised to withdraw cash in Euros or $ using their credit card. If we look at the crypto money side, although there is no touristic place that accepts crypto money payments in Turkey, crypto money can be paid by converting it into local currency or foreign currency through local or international exchanges reached from Turkey.

It is possible to buy property in Turkey with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that can be converted to foreign currency. The cryptocurrency payment method allows people with crypto assets to use their earnings not only for online shopping but also for investing in real assets. The leading international real estate company, Atlas Properties & Construction, is one of the companies in the world that sells real estate with Bitcoin. The founder of our company, Turgut Dingil, accepted the payment method with crypto money. In Atlas Properties & Construction, the payment method with Bitcoin is reliable, as well as preventing exchange rate loss. With the Atlas Properties team, you can bring your money to Turkey legally by paying with crypto abroad.

How Does the Process Work?

After deciding to buy and invest in real estate in Turkey, find your dream home with your sales consultant. Agree on the terms of sale regarding the seller and the payment plan, and inform your sales representative that you want to pay with cryptocurrency. After Atlas Properties has obtained your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents, you can go to one of our contracted offices in Russia and send the amount you need to pay to the crypto account. Atlas Properties & Construction will convert foreign-delivered cryptocurrencies into fiat currency at true digital market value. If the crypto money reaches our account, you can convert your money at any time. We will get your approval regarding timing and rate.

The money will reach the Atlas Properties & Construction bank accounts through international banks from abroad to Turkey. USD (US Dollar) exchange may take 2-3 days, and Euro exchange may take 5-7 days. After the money is paid to the seller, you can receive your deed.